Vibration Dog Training Collar with Remote (no electric shock)

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  • 2 vibration modes, 1 sound mode, 1 light mode
  • A more humane way to train your dog (no electric shock)
  • Send vibrating signals to your dog’s collar at a push of a button
  • 1 year full warranty


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Want a safe and effective training aid for your dog? This easy-to-use vibration dog training collar can help you teach commands or eliminate bad behavior. Just push a button on your remote to send a vibrating signal to your dog’s collar. The vibration gets your dog’s attention and does not cause any discomfort or harm. This collar features 2 vibration modes as well as a sound mode and a light mode. We recommend using verbal cues for better training results.

Range up to 100 m
Receiver dimension: Approx. 55×32 x30mm
Transmitter dimension: Approx. 86x36x18mm
Frequency: 433.825MHZ
Receiver powered by 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries
Transmitter powered by 1 x 23A 12V battery

3 reviews for Vibration Dog Training Collar with Remote (no electric shock)

  1. Vlademir

    Кнопка А даёт действительно сильную вибрацию, собака сразу отвлекается и перестаёт лаять. Остальные кнопки дают результат через раз. Для совсем наглых собак думаю лучше брать ошейник с элекрошоком.

  2. Amy P

    Good product. I bought it for my dog who weighs 3 kilos because I’m afraid the shock collars would be too strong for him. It helps regain the animals attention and refocus them on the task at hand, not hurt them.

  3. Buck Zetter

    The collar works but it is too weak for a larger furry dog. I would go with an Aetertek for any dog bigger than 10kg.

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