Ultrasonic Dog Chaser with Flashlight

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  • Easy point-and-click ultrasonic technology to stop the approach of unwanted dogs and wild wolves up to 20 m away
  • Causes no damage to the animal
  • Features a bright flashlight to confuse aggressive dogs
  • Can be used for training in conjunction with verbal or hand command
  • 1 year full warranty


Deter unfriendly dogs and protect yourself from dog attacks with Ultrasonic Dog Chaser. Just point it at the approaching animal and press the button. This dog repellent emits ultrasonic waves that are inaudible to human ear but can be heard by animals. Features a bright flashlight which can be used to confuse the animal or as a regular flashlight at night time.

Ultrasonic waves up to 125 db
Material: plastic
Color: black
Size: 14cm x 6cm (HxW)
Powered by 1*9V battery
Suitable users: joggers, walkers, bicyclists, delivery people, police.

4 reviews for Ultrasonic Dog Chaser with Flashlight

  1. johanna

    Gott nog och skönt att ha i väskan. Folk låter sina hundar vandra hursomhelst utan uppsikt. Önskar att det fanns en stor tuta också, men produkten fungerar.

  2. Terese Andersen

    Har nu handlet på siden nogle gange, og har altid haft en god oplevelse. Thumbs up

  3. Tom Temsen

    Funny and useful gadget alright. Can be used to scare of other animals as well. My neighbours cat hates it. 🙂

  4. Karla Irwin

    Absolutely love this, my dog actually listens to me now, works wonders.

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